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LCH.Clearnet to implement CCP services on Börse Berlin Equiduct Trading

Paris, 04 March 2008

LCH.Clearnet SA and Börse Berlin Equiduct Trading are pleased to announce the signature of the Preliminary Agreement to implement CCP services for transactions executed on the Börse Berlin Equiduct Trading platform for liquid European equities.

Börse Berlin Equiduct Trading will provide, from mid-2008, a pan-European regulated market offering cross-border trading services and market data. The market-segment Equiduct Trading is subject to the state-monitored and regulated Börse Berlin. Equiduct Trading will be divided into several geographical segments, each following the trading schedule and characteristics of their home market and giving access to the local post-trade CCP environment.

Equiduct Trading’s business model will then offer its participants the ability to clear and settle trades in domestic post-trade locations; it will ensure that the post-trade cost of a transaction is at least as low as on the local domestic exchange.

LCH.Clearnet SA will allow its clearing members to benefit from synergies between the Equiduct Trading market and Nyse Euronext markets. Offsetting at risk management and settlement levels will be set up and will lead to substantial economies.

The launch of the service, subject to regulatory approval, is expected to take place by the end of the first semester 2008.

Commenting on the initiative, Christophe Hémon, LCH.Clearnet SA’s CEO said: “We welcome this agreement with Börse Berlin Equiduct Trading, which underlines our desire and capacity to clear new markets and to respond to new initiatives introduced by the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). It demonstrates our determination to deliver benefits to our clients.”

Willy Van Stappen, Börse Berlin Equiduct Trading’s COO, added: “LCH.Clearnet SA will be the first CCP to be connected to our platform.

LCH.Clearnet’s experience and commitment to cash clearing business together with its proven technology will bring our participants the possibility to leverage existing clearing member relationships, legal frameworks and connections.”

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Editors Notes

About Börse Berlin Equiduct Trading

Börse Berlin has adjusted its products and services consistently to the requirements of modern exchange trading. As the majority shareholder of EASDAQ NV, whose 100 percent subsidiary Equiduct Systems provides the transaction services, Börse Berlin is realigning its position with a new market model under the brand Equiduct Trading. The aim is to provide the best possible MiFID services to European customers. For more information please visit www.boerse-berlin.com

About Börse Berlin Equiduct Systems

Equiduct Systems, located in London, is the exclusive provider of transaction services for Börse Berlin. The unique Equiduct market model covers the four key requirements of best execution required by MiFID. It guarantees likelihood of execution, at the lowest cost and at the best price in a less than 10 milliseconds turnaround time. For more information please visit www.equiduct.eu

About LCH.Clearnet

LCH.Clearnet is currently owned 67.6% by users, 17.8% by exchanges with the balance of 14.6% being held by Euroclear. Upon completion of the Euronext share buy-back program by 2009, the Group will be owned 73.3% by users, 10.9% by exchanges and 15.8% by Euroclear.

LCH.Clearnet serves major international exchanges and platforms, equity, exchange-traded derivatives, energy, interbank interest rate swaps markets and the majority of the Euro-denominated and sterling bond and repo markets.

Markets Served

LCH.Clearnet clears a diverse range of asset classes worldwide.

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