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Originating department:Commercial Services
Company Circular No:LCH.Clearnet Ltd Circular No 2653
 Service Circular No:LME Circular No 424
Date:14 July 2010
To:All LME Clearing Members

Synapse Go-Live weekend for LME

This circular provides important information to members in preparation for the Synapse Go-Live weekend scheduled for 24 and 25 July 2010.

Synapse continues to operate alongside LME Matching and Clearing System (MCS) with positions synchronised between the two systems and has been running successfully for five weeks.

Members have had access to this Synapse environment and all reports and data files generated by Synapse that have been posted onto the Member Reporting production system.

We are now approaching the go-live weekend, changeover from MCS to Synapse will take place on Saturday 24 July with normal business day operations commencing on Monday 26 July.

In the interests of reducing implementation risks LME and LCH.Clearnet have agreed that the planned upgrade to LMEsmart (Release 1.7.6, version will be undertaken on a separate weekend. The date for LMEsmart upgrade will be advised to members in due course. 

Synapse Implementation Phase

Week beginning 12 July 2010

Further to circular No. 2369/LME No. 420 issued on 16 June 2010,
Members should have ensured they have log on access and have connected to the production version of Synapse (GUI and XI+) and Member Reporting.

We would recommend that members use the remaining two weeks to set up the users who will need to access the Synapse GUI.

Members are required to ensure that at least two users are set up to access the Synapse GUI by 23 July.

Week beginning 19 July 2010

From Monday 19 July members should reconcile their positions between MCS and Synapse on a daily basis up to the go-live weekend and to advise LCH.Clearnet of any discrepancies. Please email the following email addresses to report any differences:



Go-live weekend plan and activities for Synapse

Saturday 24 July

• Synapse (GUI and XI+) will be available to all users and will be set to Monday 26 July. Member Reporting will be available 24 hours a day. The reports from close of business Friday 23 July will be generated and posted to Member Reporting between 02:00 and 03:00 on the Saturday morning.

• MCS reports will be generated via Print/Browser and sent to members’ print queues in the usual way.

• By 10:00 hours we will require all members to have confirmed (by email ) that their positions, as at close of business Friday 23 July, reconcile between MCS and Synapse and that they can connect to Synapse (GUI and XI+) and Member Reporting. In the absence of any such confirmation we will assume that positions in Synapse are the same as in MCS and that members can connect to Synapse and Member Reporting and we will continue with the implementation plans.

• Between 10:00 and  12:00 hours we will communicate by email to all Member Go-live weekend contacts that we have completed our deployment and are ready to proceed.

• Between 12:00 and 14:00 hours members should contact LCH.Clearnet to confirm that the necessary system changes and deployments to go-live have been made and that they are ready to proceed. In the absence of any such confirmation or communication to the contrary we will assume that members have completed the necessary changes. If members have no plans to change their systems please advise us before the transition weekend.

• LCH.Clearnet plan to remove access to MCS from all users at 20:00. This includes the Print/Browser and on-line Banking enquiry facilities. Members will have access to Banking reports via Member Reporting.

• At this stage we will all be ready to go live with Synapse on Monday 26 July.

Please find below a list of activities members should undertake in order to confirm their readiness and completion of any deployment activities as described above. 

ActivityDate and Time



Position ReconciliationBy 10:00 hours
24 July
Reconcile final Positions as at close of business 23 July 2010, between MCS production and Synapse parallel environments and confirm to LCH.Clearnet
Check Synapse GUI ConnectivityBy 10:00 hours
24h July
Make final check that you can connect and users can logon to the Synapse Production Environment (previously parallel run) and confirm to LCH.Clearnet
Check XI+ connectivityBy 10:00 hours
24 July
Make final check that you can connect and logon to the External Interface Plus (XI+) whether using PC Bridge an in-house or third party supplied application and confirm to LCH.Clearnet
Check Member Reporting connectivityBy 10:00 hours
24 July
Make final check that you can connect and access the Member Reporting (Memberlive) Production environment and confirm to LCH.Clearnet
Deploy changes to softwareBetween 12:00 hours and 14:00 hoursDeploy software changes necessary to interface with LMEsmart and Synapse to go live and confirm to LCH.Clearnet when completed.

We will provide Members with an update next week.

Member contact details for Go-live  weekend

To ensure that the relevant people are kept up to date during go-live weekend, could you please send key contact details to SynapseLME@lchclearnet.com
The key people should include a senior manager responsible for the Members go-live weekend and contacts undertaking members’ position reconciliation and system deployment and connectivity activities.

Please provide the following details for each contact:

• Contact name and responsibility
• Telephone number
• Mobile phone number (or an alternative number)
• Email address

LCH.Clearnet contact details for Go-live weekend

The LCH.Clearnet contact details for members to confirm readiness and deployment activities are listed below.

We would ask members who experience issues before and during the transition weekend to contact us at the earliest possible opportunity.

Members are advised that unless a market wide issue is identified during the weekend we intend to go-live as planned.
If you have any questions with regards to the above, please contact one of the following and we will have someone respond to you as soon as possible:

Martin West:  martin.west@lchclearnet.com  +(44) 207 426 7089

Gary Lyons gary.lyons@lchclearnet.com  +(44) 207 426 7122

David Farrar david.farrar@lchclearnet.com  +(44) 207 426 7582

In addition the following email can be used:  SynapseLME@lchclearnet.com


Yours sincerely,


David Farrar
Director, Head of Commodities and Metals