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Originating Department:Commercial Services
Company Circular No:LCH.Clearnet Ltd Circular No. 3001
Service Circular No:EquityClear 201
Date:12 October 2011
To:All EquityClear Clearing Members

Change to EquityClear settlement details in Norway

Dear Member,

We would like to inform you that we are changing our account details for cash equities settling in Norway.

All trades from Monday 28 November with an intended settlement date of 1 December should contain the following settlement instruction details at Den Norske Bank.

BICNew Settlement Participant IdSafe Custody Account

For a complete list of settlement instructions please use the following link: http://www.lchclearnet.com/Images/Section%202d_tcm6-43745.pdf 
If you require further information please contact Ian Mackenzie:
Tel: 020 7426 7265 ian.mackenzie@lchclearnet.com 

Yours sincerely
Wayne Eagle, Executive Director, LCH.Clearnet EquityClear