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Company Circular No:

LCH.Clearnet Limited Circular No 3375

Date:15 November 2013

LCH.Clearnet Ltd - Banking Reports Reference Guide - updated for EMIR

Clearing Members are advised of the publication of the new "Banking Reports Reference Guide" attached.

Updates are as follows:

The new European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) account structures will only become available upon LCH.Clearnet Ltd’s reauthorisation. However for those services that require omnibus account migration there will be a separate communication distributed later this month to cover time frames. Other report changes included in the guide are already live.

This reference guide has been designed to assist Clearing Members with the reconciliation of liabilities, account postings, cover distribution, PPS movements and collateral holdings etc, between the LCH.Clearnet Ltd Banking system and Clearing Member back-office systems. An explanation is provided on the standard Banking reports that Clearing Members are able to check on a daily basis.

Additionally Members may request a copy of the reference guide, by completing the Reference Guide Request Form on the LCH.Clearnet website.

Attachment: Banking Report Reference Guide

For further information please contact Member Training or Collateral Services: