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Company Circular No:

LCH.Clearnet LLC Circular No 39

Service Circular No:

SwapClear Circular No 123

Date:07 March 2014
To:All SwapClear LLC Members

Decommissioning of Declear Functionality

The SwapClear Service will decommission the ability for members to submit declear requests from the Markitwire platform from the 24th of March 2014.  With immediate effect, we advise SwapClear Members to discontinue use of this functionality.

For further information, please contact the below:

SwapClear Membership Sales and Relationship Management
Email: swapclearmembershipsales@lchclearnet.com
SwapClear Client Sales | LCH.Clearnet |
Email: swapclearsales@lchclearnet.com