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Company Circular No:

LCH.Clearnet LTD Circular No 3456

Date:08 April 2014
To:All LCH.Clearnet Ltd Members

LCH.Clearnet Ltd - Margin Management Collateral Substitution during Easter period

Please note that LCH.Clearnet Limited is implementing the following changes to its collateral processes for the Easter period:

Pursuant to paragraph 4.1.4 of the Clearing House Procedures and paragraph 4.1.7 of the FCM Procedures, LCH.Clearnet Limited is notifying all Clearing Members that they are required to provide additional notice of any collateral substitutions above GBP 50 million or equivalent (whether between currencies, or between cash and non-cash) during the Easter period between the dates of Friday 11th April 2014 and Tuesday 22nd April 2014. During this time, Clearing Members must provide the Clearing House with notice of at least five (5) business days.

Terms used herein shall have the meaning assigned to them in the Rulebook or FCM Rulebook, as applicable.

For further information, please contact the below:

Elissa Holme
Group Head of CaLM Non-Eurozone

Anneliese Schwyter
US Head of CaLM