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Market:Cash & Derivatives
Date:05 February 2009

LCH.Clearnet Competitive Members Access

New Connectivity Provider

We are pleased to announce that NYSE Technologies (SFTI) has committed with LCH.Clearnet requirements in terms of quality and security.

LCH.Clearnet new CMA service offer enables members to choose between the two selected network solutions, RadianzNet (BT) and SFTI (NYSE Technologies), for replacing the Bourse Connect (BCCN) Clearing Access Service due to be stopped by NYSE Technologies in 2009.

LCH.Clearnet members will soon have to choose the option that best fits their business, their technical requirements and their cost considerations, from the two selected connectivity solutions.

Project general information

A General Members Meeting will be organised in the beginning of March 2009 in each LCH.Clearnet location.

Attendees will be presented the LCH.Clearnet Service Offer including the contractual relationship, the connectivity solutions, the connectivity fee grid, the technical impacts, the operational aspects and the roll-out schedule.

BT and NYSE Technologies will each assist in presenting their solution selected by LCH.Clearnet.

Reminder: Project contact request

Members on the cash and derivatives markets who have not yet returned they project contact form are kindly asked to fill-out and send back to LCH.Clearnet the attached form as soon as possible.

Any questions concerning the CMA project should be directed to the LCH.Clearnet SA Product Implementation Managers:

François MARTON : +33 1 70 37 67 54, francois.marton@lchclearnet.com
Benedicte FOURRIER : +33 1 70 37 65 36, benedicte.fourrier@lchclearnet.com

Or the Product Implementation Director:

Catherine Mollard : +33 1 70 37 66 57, catherine.mollard@lchclearnet.com


Project Contact Form

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