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Market:Cash & Derivatives
Date:4 December 2009

Group Member Access

LCH.Clearnet SA Members’ roll-out

The GMA roll-out is now completed for LCH.Clearnet SA Members.

All Members and ISVs formerly accessing LCH.Clearnet SA’s clearing data through CAPs and the Bourse Connect Network are currently using the LCH.Clearnet’s GMA connectivity to access their LCAPs, the new clearing gateways.

LCH.Clearnet SA would like to seize this opportunity to thank all participants, Members and ISVs for their commitment and for their endeavour to successfully meet the deadlines.

Bourse Connect decommissioning

Clearing Members and ISVs currently access LCH.Clearnet SA and receive data from LCH.Clearnet SA through the LCH.Clearnet’s Group Member Access in replacement of the Bourse Connect Network and the CAPs, both provided by NYSE.Technologies.

NYSE.Technologies pursuing the decommissioning of the Bourse Connect Network, LCH.Clearnet SA has informed NYSE.Technologies that all LCH.Clearnet Users’ CAPs are not operational anymore. We remind you that it is your responsibility to cease your
Bourse Connect connectivity directly with NYSE.Technologies.

BAU processing - CTH Role

Members and ISVs’ questions or issues concerning the clearing connectivity and the LCAPs have to be exclusively directed to our Customer Technical Helpdesk (CTH).

The LCH.Clearnet SA CTH is opened from 7.00 am CET to 8.00 pm CET, and each third Friday of the month until 11.00 pm CET.

You can reach LCH.Clearnet SA’s CTH:
by phone at +33 1 70 37 66 00
by fax at +33 1 70 37 65 05
by email at lchclearnetsa_cth@lchclearnet.com

Direct Model - Invoicing

The GMA connectivity and LCAPs are services brought by LCH.Clearnet SA directly to Clearing Members and ISVs.

Therefore GMA Connectivity and LCAPs ordered to LCH.Clearnet SA will be invoiced by LCH.Clearnet SA directly to Members and ISVs.

Should you have any question, please contact your LCH.Clearnet SA local account Manager or the Head of Customer Relationship Management:

Arielle Combes : +33 1 70 37 65 56, arielle.combes@lchclearnet.com

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