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Company Circular No:

LCH.Clearnet Ltd Circular No 3163

Service Circular No:EquityClear Circular No 222
Date:25 June 2012
To:All EquityClear Clearing Members

Enhancements to EquityClear service

We would like to advise you of two enhancements to our EquityClear Service.

From 16 July 2012, the service will include:

  1. Real Time Trade confirmations (RTC) for cancelled trades. Where a trade source sends a cancellation of a trade to us, we will issue an RTC advising the clearing member.

  2. Aggregation of Irish Agency trades settling in Euroclear UK & Ireland (EUI). For MTF Irish Agency business settling in EUI, we will now apply aggregation rather than gross settlement to our instructions, thus reducing the cost of settlement.

We hope these enhancements will assist you.

For further information please contact Ian Mackenzie Tel: 020 7426 7265 or email [email protected]

Wayne Eagle 
Executive Director, LCH.Clearnet EquityClear