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13 February-Treasury Reports Enhancements
12 August-Electronic invoicing and evidences - Service Opening
02 August-Roll-out confirmation - Electronic invoicing and evidences
29 July-Treasury financial statements in XML format
08 July-Service Improvement - Electronic invoicing and evidences
01 July-Treasury financial statements in XML format
01 July-Treasury financial statements in XML format - Label changes and additional margin
30 May-Treasury financial statements in XML format
26 May-Treasury financial statements - Label changes
06 May-Treasury financial statements - label change
06 May-Treasury Financial Statements in XML format
04 May-Service Improvement - Electronic invoicing and evidences
14 January-Treasury financial statements in XML format
24 June-Treasury Reports Enhancements
03 February-Treasury Reports Enhancements
26 January-Treasury Reports Enhancements
04 December-GMA - LCH.Clearnet SA Members' roll-out
12 October-GMA roll-out status
16 July-Price Data Feed Enhancements
27 May-GMA - Technical Guide
07 May-GMA - NYSE.Technologies SFTI solution no longer available
16 April-GMA Member Access
06 March-CMA - GMA Member Access
27 February-CMA - General Member Meeting Postponed
05 February-CMA - New Connectivity Provider, Project Contact Request and Information
21 January-CMA - Selected Connectivity Provider, Project Contact Request
01 December-CMA: LCH.Clearnet New Technical Project
09 September-Liffe delays the launch that support Multi Decimal trading to 3 decimal places
07 August-OPEJ files enhancements: Schedule for tests and go-live
28 March-News on cash and derivatives markets further to the Implementation of MiFID
20 February-LCH.Clearnet new policy for margin calls settlement
19 February-LCH.Clearnet margin calls in TARGET 2
18 February-LCH.Clearnet margin calls in TARGET 2
18 February-LCH.Clearnet margin calls in TARGET 2 #2
08 February-Launch confirmation
10 January-Flat file record specifications: non-guaranteed trade files
04 January-Settlement in Non-Euro currency (USD dollar) - Reminder
28 December-What's new on the Cash Market further to the implementation of MiFID?
28 December-NYSE Euronext Decimalisation Project on Cash Markets (4 decimal positions for trade prices)
21 December-Settlement in US dollars for Euronext Paris
19 December-Black window period
17 December-End of CCW service on 31 December 2007
14 November-Flat file record specifications: New Flat file available
13 November-Members free tests: expiry on Derivatives markets on 16 November
09 November-Business Day Certification Tests
06 November-Members free tests: dummy expiry on Derivatives
31 October-Member free tests
26 October-Members free tests and go-live date
26 October-Access to CCW messages: Go live
19 October-BIC codes collection for production subscription
15 October-Members Tests
09 October-Flat file record specifications: delay on the implementation of the flat file
08 October-Country certification tests planning update
01 October-Country certification tests
28 September-Reminder: Members' Tests
13 September-Access to CCW messages: minor change
17 August-Reminder: Return eCCW order form before the 3rd of September
07 August-Country free test phase testing guide
31 July-Flat file record specifications: minor changes
19 July-Access to CCW messages: Minor Change
03 July-Publication of the eCCW order form & service offer
18 June-Paying agents' clients BIC codes collection to be forwarded by LCH.Clearnet through the SSP
04 May-CCW Replacement Project - Announcement & Project Contact Form
16 April-BIC Codes and Project Contacts collection
12 April-Technical operations on Production Clearing platforms
08 January-CTS: change of opening hours
28 November-Member Production start date
05 October-Go live date for the new public files
26 September-CASH EUA platform: re-initialisation of the products referential
21 September-Technical operations on the Derivatives EUA platform
28 August-Testing period of EUA platform
31 July-New version of the File Transfer Request
21 July-New version of the Members' implementation guide
30 June-Satellite Broadcasting Dismantling Project
21 June-Members' Implementation Guide