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Fixed Income Communications

Recent Fixed Income Market communications in chronological order (most recent first): 

10 January-RepoClear Confirms Launch Date for Same Day Settlement

06 December-Republic of Ireland Sovereign Credit Risk Update
30 November-RepoClear Same Day Settlement: Launch update
25 November-Republic of Ireland Sovereign Credit Risk 2
17 November-Republic of Ireland Sovereign Credit Risk 1
16 November-Euroclear UK & Ireland’s New Term DBV Service
10 November-Republic of Ireland Sovereign Credit Risk
22 October-Launch date for Same Day Trading In European Government Bonds
11 October-Implementation of RepoClear Reporting Improvements
05 October-LCH.Clearnet Ltd’s Management of Sovereign Credit Risk for RepoClear Service
24 September-Same Day Trading In European Government Bonds – Service Enhancement Specification
25 August-RepoClear to Support Same Day Trading In European Government Bonds
02 August-RepoClear to Launch Spanish Government Cash Bond and Classic Repo Clearing Service
07 July-Member Reporting Improvements – reminder
30 April-RepoClear Reporting Modifications
09 March-Member Reporting Improvements
18 February-RepoClear and Securities Borrowing Programmes
19 January-RepoClear Repo Bundles™ Service Specification
18 January-Reduction in Sterling GC Settlement Related Costs

25 November-New Trade Registration
17 November-New Trade Registration Deadline for European Government Bonds
03 September-RepoClear to launch Repo Bundles™ service
19 August-Launch Date for Same Day Settlement of RepoClear €GC Baskets
09 July-Same Day Settlement for RepoClear €GC Baskets
21 April-LCH.Clearnet Announce the Launch of €GC Country
20 March-RepoClear System Renewal
13 March-Clearing Fixed Income Trades in a Low or Negative Interest Rate Environment
10 February-RepoClear extends clearing service on Explicit Government Guarantee Bonds (EGGBs)
23 January-RepoClear extends service to include Explicit Government Guarantee Bonds (EGGB)
17 January-Low or Negative Rate Repo

10 December-RepoClear Sterling GC to include Bank of Enland Sterling Bills
01 December-RepoClear to Introduce Direct Input on Specific-ISIN Gilt Settlements
23 September-€GC Clearing Fee Waiver
19 September-New Trade Source for LCH.Clearnet
16 September-Bonds and Repo Market Update Regarding Lehmans
14 July-New Trade Registration Deadline for Same Day Gilts
19 June-LCH.Clearnet Improves Euro Settlement Netting
30 May-New Settlement Shape Size and Costs in Belgium
08 April-Changes to RepoClear Member Reporting
03 April-EuroGC Clearing Launch Date: 28 April 2008
25 February-RepoClear Default Management Treatment Consultation

06 December-EuroGC Service Description cover note 
26 November-EuroGC Update
11 October-EuroGC Announcement
27 July-Reduced Settlement Fees
26 July-Index-linked Gilts Launch
02 July-New Repo Tariff Launch
26 June-ICAP Cash Bonds
07 June-Cash Bond Clearing
06 June-MTS Linking to Sterling GC
29 May-New Repo Tariff
12 March-Confirmation of Sterling GC Launch
02 March-New Repo Tariff Consultation
01 March-Sterling GC Launch Plan
21 February-Sterling GC Update