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General Member Meetings

December-UCS Programme
June 11 -Invitation GMM Brussels GMA 
June 10  -Invitation GMM Paris GMA 
June 9 -Invitation GMM Amsterdam GMA 
June 8 -Invitation GMM London GMA
March/April-GMA GMM
April 6 -New invitation GMM London GMA 
April 2-Invitation GMM London GMA : postponed to 6 April
April 1-Invitation GMM Amsterdam GMA
March 31-Invitation GMM Lisbon GMA
March 27-Invitation GMM Bruxelles GMA
March 25-Invitation GMM Paris GMA
December -Secfinex GMM 
December -CMA GMM 
December -Group Fees GMM 
September-October-Presentation - ESES
May-Presentation - ESES
April 14-Presentation - BlueNext
March 20,25-Presentation - Equiduct
March 6-Presentation - BlueNext: LCH.Clearnet
March 6-Presentation - BlueNext
October-General Member Meeting - ESES,TARGET2, Clearing of Luxembourg Stock Exchange, eCCW, other projects
October -General Member Meeting - eCCW
October 9-Project Clearing Bourse de Luxembourg
October 9-Eligible criteria for Clearing services of LCH.Clearnet
June-Clearing on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange
June-Project Clearing Bourse de Luxembourg
June-General Member Meeting - ESES, TARGET2, Clearing of Luxembourg Stock Exchange, eCCW
April-General Member Meeting - Invitation
April-General Member Meeting - ESES, TARGET2, eCCW
March-General Member Meeting - Single Order Book