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Company Circular No:

LCH.Clearnet LLC Circular No 37

Date:27 February 2014
To:All LCH.Clearnet LLC Clearing Members

Banking Report Changes - LLC: Final Update

Clearing Members are advised that further to the “Banking Report Changes” circular (no. 29) issued on 20 December 2013, LCH.Clearnet LLC(LCH.C) are implementing the changes outlined with effect from end of day Friday 28th February 2014.

These changes are being made to improve reporting to clearing members by removing redundant data and ensuring that naming conventions are in line with current market terminology. A summary of the changes, reference guide (pdf format) and technical specification (txt format) are also available via the attached links below.

Please note: Following member feedback there has been some additional clarification on the changes to REP00034 – Collateral Prices, which has been added to the reference material below.

SwapClear members should note that these changes are independent of the SwapClear service release 2.2 so are not affected by the timeline for that release.

The Banking Report changes will take effect for Production reports that are generated during the overnight cycle on the morning of Saturday 1st March and display with date of 3rd March 2014. For most members this will mean that the first time you see the new format will be on Monday 3rd March 2014.

If you have any questions related to the implementation please email Collateral Services on [email protected].

General questions related to the banking reports should continue to be directed to Collateral Queries on [email protected].

Summary of member reporting changes

Banking Reports Reference Guide (pdf format)

Banking Reports Technical Specification (txt format)