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Date:22 October 2008

Derivatives OPEJ - Monep Daily Operations Files

OPEJ files enhancements: go-live postponed from 24 October 2008 to mid November

LCH.Clearnet SA has encountered a defect in the Opej files of the External User Acceptance platform at the expiry day of November.

Therefore, we regret to inform you that the go-live of the Opej files enhancements must be postponed. We plan to roll out these enhancements in mid November and we will confirm the date at the beginning of November.

For reminder, the enhancements of these files concern the following records:

“EXAS”, “EAVR”, “VAVA” and “LIQE” records enhancement

“EXAS”, “EAVR”, “VAVA” and “LIQE” records in the OPEJ files, currently reporting underlying prices rounded to two decimals places, will be extended by two characters to report prices to four decimal places.

“PATT”, “HINE” and “ALLO” records extension

The “Mailing Comment” field (currently appearing in C21 messages) will be added to the existing “PATT”, “HINE” and “ALLO” records of the OPEJ files, facilitating data reconciliation.

For further information, please contact:
your LCH.Clearnet SA Product Implementation manager:
Bénédicte FOURRIER: +33 (0) 1 70 37 65 36 - [email protected]
your local relationship Manager.

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