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Market:NYSE Euronext Paris
Date:08 June 2011

Harmonisation of French debt denomination

Reminder migration UNT/FMT External User Acceptance (EUA)

LCH.Clearnet kindly reminds you that the second migration rehearsal for the French debt denomination project with all clients and infrastructures will be carried out on Friday 17 June after the trading session. For more information about the project, please refer to:


Clients performing the tests on the EUA platform (Paris bonds segment) will see the impacts of this migration from UNT to FMT as follows:

As a consequence of the roll-back, all positions in all markets will be purged from the EUA clearing platform and the platform will not be available on Monday 1 August for all clients.

Accrued coupon to 7 decimals

In parallel to the UNT/FMT migration rehearsal, LCH.Clearnet SA will extend the reform of the accrued coupons from 3 to 7 decimals for French debt. The accrued coupons extension will take place as well as the Monday 20 June and will remain in EUA as from this date. There is no impact on the member reports or member messages.

We strongly advise clients to take part in the tests. Client support during migration will be provided by your Product implementation Manager:

For further information, please contact:

Your LCH.Clearnet SA Product Implementation manager:

Jean-Bertrand Lesparre: +33 (0) 1 70 37 66 46 [email protected]
your account manager.

Customer and Market Management LCH.Clearnet SA

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