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Markets:Bourse du Luxembourg
Products:Equity and Bonds
Date:24 October 2011

DWP and Cash Only Instructions

LCH.Clearnet is pleased to announce the implementation of STP management for Delivery With Payment and Cash Only instructions sent to EuroclearBank and Clearstream. This service enhancement will allow clients to reconcile the settlement operations for these Instructions.

This service upgrade will be launched on Monday 12 December.

Current situation:

Cash Only instructions are reported in the financial statements AC0112E report in the following sections:

Currently there is no possibility to make the link in between the operation reported in the financial statements and the corresponding instruction sent to the iCSD.

Future situation:

To facilitate clients’ reconciliation process; LCH.Clearnet will enhance (enhance or use) its ISO 15022 messages offer to manage Delivery With Payment and Cash Only Instructions with Clearstream and Euroclear Bank systems:

The SWIFT messages sent to clients by Euroclear Bank and Clearstream to clients will replace the reporting in the LCH.Clearnet Financial statements. There is no impact on the LCH.Clearnet files and messages structure.

Request to clients

To allow the iCSD to perform Cash movements, it is mandatory to include your BIC codes in the instructions. Your account managers will contact you shortly to collect this information.

For further information, please contact:

Your account manager.

Contact details of your Account Manager are available at http://www.lchclearnet.com/membership/sa/crm_contacts.asp.

Customer and Market Management LCH.Clearnet SA

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