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Date:01 December 2008

LCH.Clearnet New Technical Project

Competitive Members Access (CMA)

Within our strategy and to answer members’ needs, LCH.Clearnet will implement a new connectivity solution and new access solutions through the CMA project in 2009.

To launch the CMA project LCH.Clearnet took into consideration members’ request in terms of capacity, performance, technology and flexibility.

Also, the CMA project will offer members the possibility of choosing between different access solutions and providers.

The infrastructure choices will provide LCH.Clearnet and its members with a flexible and open connectivity model, while safeguarding the existing reliability and resilience.
Members will also benefit from the use of the most up to date technology, a simplified architecture and a cost efficient solution.

You will be invited to an LCH.Clearnet meeting for a presentation of the objectives and the different stages of the CMA project.

In anticipation of the meeting and considering the CMA project specificity, we request that members check internally for suitable attendees for the meeting, which would be decision-makers such as CEOs and IT Directors or their nominated replacements.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the LCH.Clearnet SA Product Implementation Managers:

François MARTON : +33 1 70 37 67 54, [email protected]
Benedicte FOURRIER : +33 1 70 37 65 36, [email protected]
Or the Product Implementation Director:
Catherine Mollard : +33 1 70 37 66 57, [email protected]
or your local relationship manager

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