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Date:06 May 2011

Treasury financial statements in XML format


LCH.Clearnet SA has started an initiative to provide Clients with the Financial statements in XML format following the ISO20022 standard. Currently, the Financial statements are available for our Clients in printable and non-standardised text file format. The Straight Through Processing (STP) of this file is difficult and following our Clients’ requests, we have decided to provide the Financial statements in XML format.

During the initiative we have requested SWIFT to make a few modifications to the 20022 standard, firstly because the standard did not cover all asset classes we clear and secondly because it did not allow the same level of detailed reporting as we currently provide today in the printable files. SWIFT has accepted to make the modifications and we have already anticipated on these modifications in this initiative.

The XML – Treasury financial statement initiative covers LCH.Clearnet reporting i.e. the Financial reports from NYSE Euronext, the so called “EUMC” files, which we dispatch to our Clients will not be covered by this initiative and remain in text file format.

The new XML service will be available to Clients in addition to the printable files. This additional service is free of charge for our clients.


In order to support Clients in the STP of the XML files, the following documentation is attached to this Info Flash.

Files availability on Clients’ access means

The XML files will be available on Clients’ access means in addition to the current printable reports, in order to ensure a smooth implementation for our Clients. The same principles apply to the XML files as for the printable files today, meaning that the files will be available around the same timeframe and available for 5 business days on the access means.

With regards to the eCCW®, WEB OTC, WEB SBL and the push/pull solution, the files will be automatically available for Clients. This means that Clients do not have to request to receive the files.

With regards to the LCAP, Clients must request the files for both the External User Acceptance and Production platform. The related Data Transfer Request Form has been attached to this Info Flash and must be returned to your account manager, in order for us to set up the new file transfer.

If requested by Clients, we could decide to offer the sending of the Financial statements in XML format via the SWIFT network. In whicht case a separate initiative is to be launched in conjunction with SWIFT and Clients can expect a joint communication in the course of the year.

Test approach

Clients will be able to test the XML files on the External User Acceptance platform. In addition, Clients will receive the files in production during a transitional period for testing purposes in order to facilitate Client testing.

It should be noted that during the transition period, these Production files are considered as non Production i.e. test related files - only the printable files should be considered as Production files.

Test planning

The XML files will be available for Client testing on the External User Acceptance platform:

The XML files will be available on the Production platform for testing purposes:


The full switch over to production is expected to take place at the end of August 2011. This means that Clients can consider the XML files as production related files as from the launch. The exact launch date will be confirmed in another Info flash in July 2011.

For further information, please contact:

Your account manager


Your Product Implementation Manager:

Dorothée Fresneau: +33 (0) 1 70 37 66 05 – [email protected]

Customer and Market Management LCH.Clearnet SA

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Supporting Documentation


1. Exact dates will be confirmed by a separate Info Flash.
2. Due to the possible high number of File transfers to be set up for Clients, the configuration could take longer than usually.